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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Click here for 4 convenient ways you can take our coursesDear Aspiring Recruiter/Sourcer (or Manager of same),

You've searched job boards, your own databases, you network. But you still don't have the candidate pipelines you need for all your open and pending requisitions. You know there must be better and faster ways you can find candidates for your job openings that you haven't tapped yet.

You will like the answers you find here. We focus on just one area, cover it comprehensively and inexpensively, and explain it clearly: sourcing / recruiting research. that have served thousands of industry professionals from veterans to newbies, at hundreds of companies from the Fortune 500 on down, as well as many executive search firms, staffing agencies and solo headhunters / placement firms. Whether you're a hunter or farmer, a dedicated sourcer or even an HR generalist who has to wear a double hat in recruiting, all repeatedly tell us these techniques have opened exciting new avenues for candidate sourcing prospects -- any industry, job function, job level or location.

Why We're Different
What We Are *Not*
  • We don't feel it's right to charge almost $500/person for a half-day webinar just to learn one sourcing method like Google search for candidates. For even less cost, our course has over 30 hours of material (see the table of contents) with full email support, though you don't have to do it all to enjoy sourcing success!
  • We don't need to hold contests to get new ideas for effective sourcing methodologies. Our course content providers *are* the innovators: Glenn and Shally are known by their first names in this industry.
  • We're not owned by a recruiting process outsourcing vendor, the type of company that takes away recruiters' jobs by shipping the work overseas.
  • We don't have a lot of overhead of advertising/marketing a bunch of products - that lets us keep training prices low and focus on teaching the sourcing methodologies and sharing the tools and resources that we know work.
What They're Saying

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We look forward to helping you soon! (P.S. Check out today's featured no-fee candidates!)

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Glenn Gutmacher
Founder & Lead Trainer

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