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Deep Web Resources for Outplaced Executives (and other serious researchers)

The following annotated links are great resources to assist in your research (see Corporate Research's How-To for more).

  • FreePint features a biweekly newsletter and other resources of great research sites and techniques for online search. You can even get your tricky research questions answered in the Freepint Bar. It's all free, a regular stop for librarians, and you should visit, too.
  • Good Jobs First is a comprehensive resource promoting corporate and government accountability in economic development and smart growth, and their ties to good jobs. The site is reviewed in this article and is a good starting point on how to best utilize this portal. You will probably want to start with the:
  • Corporate Research Project is “a non-profit center that assists community, environmental and labor organizations in researching and analyzing companies and industries" affiliated with Good Jobs First. Among the free resources available are how to do corporate research: This extensive guide is geared to tracking companies and individuals for their corporate responsibility record. (Many links help you identify the downside of companies, which can be useful later in the recruiting process when you have the opportunity to ask tough questions about difficulties the company is facing.) However, many of the cited resources work just as well for career researchers to identify relevant, desirable companies as well. Among the many great links in this article are:
    • Namebase - if you are researching a well-connected member of the power elite, try plugging his/her name into this search engine that contains an index of references to people in hundreds of books, articles and reports about big business, corporate crime, the intelligence agencies, the federal government, etc.
    • ZoomInfo has a larger database of over 10 million people, which are comprised of mentions about each person compiled from sources across the web (press releases, news sites, etc.), all appended to make a "profile" for the person. The free version only lets you search by name; the paid version has many more bells and whistles.
    • Internal Memos - posts company documents that have been leaked by employees. Some of the documents can be viewed for free; full access requires a subscription.
    • Dirt Diggers Digest of Sources Index - a comprehensive links list of research sources
    • Often, the best objective information about your target company comes from its customers or suppliers. Such lists are rarely made public, and may not come from the company’s own SEC filings but rather from those of other public companies it deals with. You can do a full-text search of the entire EDGAR database for references to your target company via 10K Wizard, or many companies that trumpet their dealings with large companies often link to their major customers’ sites. Do a link: search on your target company’s domain names to see what arises.
    • To find which companies supply a particular product, use Thomas Register, a guide to products manufactured in North America. Libraries carry the multi-volume directory which is more detailed than the web version.

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