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LinkedIn for Recruiters
by Bill Vick and Des Walsh

LinkedIn for Recruiters
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Over 40 recruitment industry leaders, authors, consultants, Big Billers, Human Resource and Staffing professionals and expert LinkedIn users (including Glenn Gutmacher and Shally Steckerl!) generously share their secrets of LinkedIn success. The book will show recruiters, sourcers and others in the recruitment industry how they can make more effective use of the various tools and resources within LinkedIn.

"This book and the use of LinkedIn is truly an innovation in recruiting!" -- Paul Hawkinson, Publisher of the The Fordyce Letter

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Advanced Online Recruiting Techniques
by Recruiting-Online.com and JobMachine.net

Advanced Online Recruiting TechniquesTake the course everyone's raving about, without having to travel for a live seminar! The entire content of Recruiting-Online.com's full-day sourcing seminar is now available as an online course you can take completely over the Web. Learn at your own pace--you get 30 days to go through the lessons, but you can purchase extended access. Even the 90-day, 180-day or 365-day access packages are less expensive than anyone's single day live seminar!

Price: US$ 348.60 but may be lower or higher, depending on course access duration purchased and your location. Get the details or order now!

The LinkedIn CheatSheet
by Shally Steckerl, edited by Glenn Gutmacher

Get the new LinkedInTM CheatSheet that shows you in a super-efficient two-page layout all the key tricks to get the most out of this powerful social network. It features:

  • many advanced searches with clear, easily-adaptable examples to get better sourcing results from LinkedIn, the largest and most powerful of the professionally-geared social networks, AND
  • 5 never-before-seen hacks that get you above the 500 results limit and get results that go beyond your own network reach
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Advanced LinkedIn Networking

This printable two-page reference in PDF layout contains over 30 ways to build your network and online credibility. Improve your results - get the most out of networking on LinkedIn, one of the biggest professionally-geared online social networks. Developed by one of LinkedIn's top 25 most-connected users, Shally Steckerl, it complements the LinkedIn Cheatsheet (see store item above). Buy it today for only US$19.97

Advanced LinkedIn Bundle

Get this four-page printable reference in PDF layout that contains both the Linkedin Cheatsheet and Networking Tips for Recruiters bundled together, which includes everything you need to become a LinkedIn power user.

Buy the bundle today for only US$33.97 (Save $5.97!)

Blog Search Cheatsheet
by Shally Steckerl, edited by Glenn Gutmacher

You know blogs are one of the hottest trends in the Web 2.0 world, with millions of bloggers publishing many more millions of posts daily in every conceivable subject matter niche. These self-proclaimed experts are indeed knowledgeable on what they blog about, and they're well networked to others like them.

But how do you quickly sift through these millions to find the right experts for your hiring/networking needs? That's what this cheatsheet explains, from the popular series by Shally Steckerl, with simple-to-follow commands, search string templates and actual example strings you can copy and paste into various search engines, as well as many blog-specific engines you've probably never heard of, or never knew how to use effectively. Buy it today for only US$19.97

Search Engine Advanced Sourcing Cheatsheets
by Shally Steckerl, edited by Glenn Gutmacher

You know the major search engines have indexed billions of pages. Many of them contain the active and passive candidates you want-- and they're not in the paid resume databases. Learn to search the open Internet like a database with these powerful cheatsheets by sourcing guru Shally Steckerl.

  • Advanced Google Cheatsheet: The ever popular Google remains a favorite among recruiters because it's so easy to use. Unfortunately, most recruiters only get a small percentage of the leads that Google can provide. Shally took JobMachine's famous Original CheatSheet and gave it a massive knowledge injection to upgrade it for use on today's demanding requisitions.

    Use the Google CheatSheet to find candidate resumes using simple-to-follow commands you can copy and paste into Google. With the help of this CheatSheet, you can find potential employees by locating their home pages or other personal information. Use this CheatSheet to find both collegiate and corporate alumni, and identify leads from associations and conferences your candidates attend. Also learn how to find experts in blogs, mailing lists, and other publically available sources. In addition to the Google search engine, you will also discover tricks you can use on Google Groups. This is a must-have resource for anyone looking to build on their search engine fundamentals, particularly if you are short on time. Buy it today for only US$19.97

  • Advanced Windows Live Cheatsheet: Formerly MSN, Windows Live is one of the three largest search engines today. But size isn't everything. Live.com offers unique search commands that allow recruiters to get precious leads quickly and limit the amount of useless results commonly encountered. With this CheatSheet you can take advantage of the serious search muscle behind Microsoft, and uncover the leads that you can't find on Google.

    Live.com uses many of the same commands other search engines like Google use (like intitle:, inurl:, site: and filetype:) but there are a few which are only available on Live.com. In this CheatSheet you will discover how to use unique commands like inbody:, contains:, prefer:, and loc: to more effectively pinpoint your search. Also discover how to rank your results, and how to "save your searches" using RSS feeds.

    This CheatSheet builds upon the fundamentals in the Google CheatSheet and greatly expands on them by offering specific examples and a wide variety of methods for each type of search (Home pages, Alumni, Associations, Conferences, Blogs, Mailing Lists, Geographic Search, Language). Add Live.com to your searches and you will have access to leads other recruiters haven't found. Buy it today for only US$19.97

  • Advanced Search Engine Bundle: The only thing better than Google and Live.com is both Google AND Live.com!

    Not all search engines are created equal. Savvy recruiters know it takes more than one search engine to find all of the hot leads on the Web. With this bundle, you get quick and easy results from two of the largest search engines, ensuring that you will have enough prospects to start making some calls and take the pressure out of filling your pipeline.

    With only a few exceptions, the techniques on both the Google and Live.com CheatSheets can be used on most search engines. Though it's clearly not a requirement to get both, they really do complement each other in many ways. Together they are more powerful than each one separately, so we recommend you save yourself $5.97 and purchase them both.

    Buy the bundle today for only US$33.97

"Creative Recruitment & Retention Strategies"
(2 Audio Cassette Tape Program)

How Savvy Companies Use the Media to Strut Their Best Stuff

By Joan Lloyd and Joan Stewart
Joan Stewart recruitment products are no longer available here. Please go to her online website to order directly. New products coming soon!

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